About Us

About KnoPro
KnoPro [powered by NAF] is a 100% FREE new platform for high school students who want to develop in-demand skills by completing real-world projects for cash and other prizes. KnoPro is an educator-designed platform that connects students and teachers with authentic industry challenges and professional mentors that help students build skills and develop their career aspirations. Unlike similar products that tend to focus on college students using text-heavy interfaces or charge schools or students for access, our platform was built specifically for (and with) high school students and teachers, with engaging videos, fun activities, essential resources, and opportunities to earn rewards and recognition.

About KnoPro’s Vision
KnoPro’s vision is to contribute to a world where all high school students, regardless of their resources, have access to work-based-learning opportunities and not just the 2% a year who complete an internship.

About NAF
NAF is a national education non-profit that brings schools and businesses together to better prepare students of all backgrounds. Since 1980, NAF has led a movement for immersive, career-focused teaching and work-based learning that puts students on a path to achieving their full potential. Learn more at naf.org.

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For over 40 years, NAF has been the nonprofit leader in high school career readiness and work-based-learning, with over 120,000 students across 36 states.

KnoPro Team

Lindsey headshot

Lindsey Dixon

Lindsey Dixon is Vice President of Product & Innovation at NAF, where she focuses on leveraging technology (like KnoPro!) to bring more career opportunities to teens and expand NAF’s impact to more students and schools. She is a former high school teacher and USAF veteran with 20+ years of experienced in education, technology, and nonprofit management. Lindsey is an experienced edtech product designer with expertise in career development, e-learning, and workforce development.

Erica eddins headshot

Erica Eddins

Erica Eddins is the Product Operations Specialist for NAF, where she works with our product and tech teams to ensure teachers and students are set up for success. Erica is excited to support the KnoPro team, to help more students gain career knowledge and skills!

Stef Hausman headshot

Stefanie Hausman

Stefanie Hausman is the Director of Digital Instructional Design at NAF, where she helps lead the design of interactive and engaging learning content for students and teachers. Stefanie is a former teacher, and for the past 25 years has been designing and building innovative and impactful learning experiences, leveraging cutting-edge technologies to better prepare students for their futures.

Ji Kim headshot

Ji Kim

Ji Kim is the Senior Director of Product Management at NAF, where he helps lead our product, design, and development. Ji has spent decades creating edtech and consumer products for kids and adults alike.

Marshall Schulte

Marshall Schulte

Marshall Schulte is a Full Stack Engineer at NAF. Marshall has spent years building digital products and apps for a variety of organizations, and now focuses his time on making KnoPro a better experience for teachers and students across the country.

Lio headshot

Lio Vega

Lio Vega has spent many years supporting organizations at the intersection of education, technology, and career development. Lio brings his passion for technology and gaming to the KnoPro team as our Web Services Specialist, ensuring that teachers and students have a smooth and rewarding experience with KnoPro.

The core KnoPro team at NAF is supported by a talented, mission-driven group of experts in work-based learning, marketing, partnership development, technology, curriculum and instruction, and more. Thank you to our NAF colleagues: Brooke, Cassie, Christine, Erica, James, John, Josh, Marc, Sarina, Umang, Zach, and everyone who contributed! Far too many to list, but learn more about them (and any current job openings at NAF) here.

Our Teacher & Student Advisory Groups support us with co-design and testing of the KnoPro platform. We thank them for their time, expertise, and the passion they to bring to KnoPro and to students across the country. Thank you to teachers: Adam, Ann Marie, Christopher, Daniel, Frank, Glenda, Jasmine, Jason, Jon, Kerish, Nicole, and Pernilla. And thank you to students: Amaiya, Ansh, Arabela, Calvin, Camilla, Chloe, Fiza, Julie, Laissa, Ndeye, Orchids, Sumayah, and Yasin. Special thanks to our student intern, Calvin Duong, for his endless hours of supporting, researching, testing, and creating materials for KnoPro.

NAF worked with our partners at Modus Agency to build the beta version of KnoPro. We thank them for the on-going partnership!