Challenges 🥇


1) High School Students Sign Up 🚀

2) Choose a Challenge Topic 🔎

3) Work in Teams or Solo 🧑🏿‍🤝‍🧑🏻

4) Get Feedback from Virtual Mentors 🙋

5) Submit Your Work ✨

6) Earn Points (+ maybe $$$) 🏆

7) Share Your Wins 😎

Skillbuilders 🥈

Daily Skillbuilders are a 10-minute, real-world activity designed to increase your skills and earn you prizes. Submit answers via TikTok videos, Canva, email, and more.

1) High School Students Sign Up 🚀

2) Choose a Daily Skillbuilder Topic 🔎

3) Complete it in ~10 minutes ✨

4) Earn Points (+ maybe $$$) 🏆

High School Teachers 🍏

Teachers are our heroes. We co-designed KnoPro with teachers to make the job of educators a little more fun and easy.

1) Sign Up for a KnoPro teacher account (always free for teachers & students!)

2) Explore our Standards-Aligned, Project-Based Challenges

3) See Your Students' Progress

4) Check out Daily Skillbuilders (Do Now? Bell-ringer? Check!)

5) Monitor Mentor Feedback to Students (optional)

6) Rinse and Repeat

Mentors & Companies 💼

KnoPro works with companies across the U.S. to:

1) Identify a pressing issue facing your sector that teens could help creatively solve

2) Brainstorm a Challenge topic and review the content that KnoPro's team develops

3) Recruit mentors from companies to give feedback to the next generation of talent in your industry

4) Serve as judges to help determine the winners of our monthly KnoPro Challenges

📧 Email to learn more about partnering with us!