Skillbuilder:Social Awareness

A Bold New Fashion Line

Effort: 10 minutes

+10 Points


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Ever wonder about the journey of your favorite shirt? The sweat, skill, and time it takes to go from the production line to your closet? But let's face it, sometimes we feel a pang of guilt when we buy from fast fashion or dread the impact of fashion on our planet.

Well, the masterminds behind HUMAN TOUCH have a solution - and it's not taboo at all! Their revolutionary "paint-sewing" technique adds a dash of art to the garment-making process. It's like a canvas of creativity! The painter-sewer's hands are covered in paint, and as they sew, they leave behind a trail of color, creating a unique masterpiece on the sewing machine and the garment itself. Cheers to fashion with a creative spark!

Your Task:

  1. Come up with a creative idea to bring social awareness to a particular cause. For example, a label on a food item, designating the amount of water it took to produce the food.

  2. Write an enthusiastic paragraph explaining your idea.

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