Ace the Art of Managing Part-Time Paychecks

Effort: 10 minutes

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You've landed a sweet gig at the local market, raking in $15 an hour for 10 hours a week, totaling a monthly income of around $600. But with great earning power comes great responsibility. It's time to learn the art of managing your money, covering the basics while stashing some cash for your future dreams.


  • Cell phone bill:

  • Transportation: (bus pass or gas if you have a car)

  • School Supplies: (pens, notebooks, etc.)

  • Entertainment: (movies, eating out, other leisure activities)

  • Groceries: (food and snacks)

  • Savings: (try to save at least 20% of your income)

    Your Task:

  1. Time to get savvy with your cash flow! Craft a budget that maps out how your $600 will conquer expenses and savings goals each month.

  2. Keep a sharp eye on the art of compromise. If you're craving more splurges in one area, you might have to tighten those purse strings in another.

  3. Chit-chat with your buddy about your budget, swap some thoughts and get some feedback on your savvy decisions.

  4. Jot down your ultimate financial plan in the text box.

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