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AR/VR Powered Glasses: Oh Yay or No Way?

Effort: 10 minutes

+10 Points


(1) $100 gift certificate


Have you heard about AR and VR glasses that companies like Lenovo are making? They're basically like magic goggles that can turn your room into a video game world or a virtual classroom. Imagine slipping on a pair of these glasses and suddenly, your boring old room is an alien planet or the historical streets of ancient Rome. Lenovo and other companies have built several devices that are mind-blowing, making stuff pop out at you like it's right there and in some cases, you can interact with your virtual environment as well.

Think about gaming with them on, or learning about the stars by actually walking among them. Would that be something you'd be into? What would make these glasses something you’d actually want to purchase or use, and what might be some of the reasons you would NOT want to use them? Think about environmental impacts, privacy, comfort, battery life, accessibility for people with disabilities, and other factors.

Your Task:

Write a letter to Lenovo’s tech team with 3 reasons why you would be excited to try out their AR glasses, and two recommendations you’d like to see them implement in the next version to make the glasses improved for you or other users.

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