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Effort: 10 minutes

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baltimore port

On March 26th, 2024, the Francis Scott Key Bridge fell after a large cargo ship, the Dali, which had lost power, crashed into it. The Francis Scott Key Bridge collapse was a big shocker, but engineers are already thinking about how to build it back even better! Imagine you're the lead engineer for this HUGE project - rebuilding the bridge with safety in mind!

We learned a lot from this accident. Articles like this one (Concrete structures meant to protect Baltimore Bridge, which has appeared unchanged for decades) talk about how special structures called "dolphins" can help protect bridges from ships. These aren't flipper-wearing but strong concrete structures that act like bumpers. Other experts think using tug boats to tow ships under the bridge might have stopped the crash.

So far, many professionals and experts have weighed in on how this incident could have been prevented. Imagine you'll be the lead engineer for a new, super-safe Francis Scott Key Bridge! Your job is to design a strong, innovative bridge incorporating dolphins or other safety features for extra protection.

Your task:

  1. Choose Your Team Members: Think about different experts like engineers, architects, the Coast Guard, and even marine biologists. Decide who you think is important to include in your team.

  2. List Each Team Member: Write down the names of the roles you chose, like "Structural Engineer" or "Marine Biologist."

  3. Explain Their Roles: For each team member, write two to three sentences explaining what they bring to the project. Describe how their skills will help fix and improve the bridge.

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