Skillbuilder:Problem Solving

Build It Better: Fixing Our Future

Effort: 10 minutes

+10 Points


(1) $100 gift certificate


Have you ever hit a pothole on a bike ride, seen news about a road needing repair, or heard about places where the water isn't safe to drink? These are signs that parts of America's infrastructure (like roads, bridges, and water systems) need some serious updates. Engineers and city planners are like the doctors of cities and towns, figuring out how to fix these problems and make sure everything works smoothly and safely.

Your Task:

  1. Spot a Problem: Think of one issue in your community that could be related to failing infrastructure. Maybe it's a road that floods every time it rains or a park that's seen better days.

  2. Dream Up a Fix: Use your imagination to come up with a cool, creative solution to this problem. What would you build or repair to make things better? It could be as simple as adding more drains to the street or creating a green space that absorbs rainwater.

  3. Share Your Idea: Draw a picture, write a short story, or make a mini-poster about your infrastructure fix. Explain how your idea makes your community a better place.

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