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Business Brainstorm

Effort: 10 minutes

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Business Brainstorm

You have been asked by the Mayor of your local town/city to sit on a think tank (or group of people coming together to solve problems) focused on issues in your community.

  1. Brainstorm a list of 10 issues that you feel are issues that your city government should address to increase the quality of life of your fellow citizens. These can be 10 similar issues on the same topic or 10 very different issues.

  2. Once you have your top 10 list, choose ONE to focus on with your problem-solving hat on. For the issue you chose, spend a few moments brainstorming creative ways that you might solve that one problem.

  3. List your top 5 ideas and go into depth on the idea you think has the most promise to solve the problem. Why did you choose this solution? What about it makes it stand out to you? Could you see yourself or someone else starting a business that focuses on that problem or solution? Why/why not? Paste your response into the chat box for a chance to win! See the example below:


📍 Topic I Chose: Environmental Sustainability

📝 Brainstormed List of Issues in My Community

  1. Plastic Pollution

  2. Lack of Energy Efficiency in Buildings

  3. Lack of Public Transportation

  4. Not Enough Parks & Green Spaces

  5. Need More Recycling Facilities

  6. Water Conservation

  7. Air Quality Issues

  8. Sustainable Local Businesses

  9. Lack of Community Gardens

  10. Lack of Education on Sustainability

🎯 One Issue to Focus On

  • Plastic Pollution

🤔 Possible Solutions

  1. Biodegradable Bag Dispensers

  2. Community Clean-Up Events

  3. Educational Campaigns

  4. Incentive Programs

  5. Plastic-Free Initiatives

Exploration of a Promising Solution

  • Chosen Solution:

    Community Clean-Up Events

  • Why This Solution?

    This approach not only helps reduce plastic pollution but also builds community spirit and awareness about environmental issues. It involves people of all ages and backgrounds, making it a comprehensive community initiative.

  • Business Potential:

    Yes, this could lead to a business opportunity. A non-profit organization could emerge to organize these events, secure sponsorships, and partner with local governments and businesses. This organization could expand to other cities and offer consulting on how to implement similar programs effectively.

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