Skillbuilder:Social Awareness

Corporate Social Responsibility

Effort: 10 minutes

+10 Points


(1) $100 gift certificate

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is when companies take a stand on an important social and/or environmental issue, rather than focusing on just making a profit. For example: Starbucks' ‘Extra Shot of Pride’ campaign, with rainbow-colored reusable cups, generates high levels of interest and engagement on social media in honor of LBGTQ+ Month. Coca-Cola addresses sustainability with ‘a world without waste’, focused on collecting and recycling every bottle, making their packaging 100% recyclable, and replacing all water used in creating their drinks back to the environment to ensure water security.

Your Task:
Choose one of your favorite brands and suggest a CSR campaign idea you believe could have an impact. Pitch your idea (via the text box) in one to two paragraphs as an email to their Human Resources Director.

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