Marketing Magic: Crafting Your Testimonial

Effort: 10 minutes

+10 Points


(1) $100 gift certificate


Testimonials are powerful tools in marketing. They are personal endorsements that explain why someone likes a product or service, helping others decide if it's right for them. Imagine you're helping to market KnoPro to other high school students, or even teachers. Your task is to create a testimonial that could convince other students like you to try it out.

Your Task:

  1. Learn About Testimonials: A testimonial is like telling a friend why you love a new game or a favorite snack. It's sharing your personal experience to help others make a choice. Think about what makes a good testimonial—it should be honest, specific, and relatable.

  2. Create Your Testimonial: Write a short, *honest* testimonial about KnoPro. You can start with phrases like "I love KnoPro because..." or "KnoPro helped me..." or try something more your style based on the research you did on effective testimonials. Think about what features you appreciate the most about KnoPro. Would it be the easy-to-use interface, the way it helps introduce you to new career paths, how it helps you practice career skills, winning prizes, boosting your resume, or how it connects you with mentors during challenges? Or that it's FREE?

  3. Bonus: Create a quick 20-30-second video testimonial. Imagine you're talking directly to the camera, explaining why KnoPro is so great for students.

    *If we love your testimonial, we may contact you to use it on our site or materials and give you public credit!! :)

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