Skillbuilder:Problem Solving

Futures Rides

Effort: 10 minutes

+10 Points


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Tesla Screen

Futuristic cars like Teslas and Polestar have cool tech features, such as touchscreens and capacitive touch steering wheel buttons. While these features look slick, they can sometimes make driving a bit tricky. Drivers may find it hard to use these controls without taking their eyes off the road or dealing with unresponsive screens. Imagine trying to use a touchscreen that doesn’t react well when you’re also trying to concentrate on driving!

Your Task:

  1. Problem Identification: Reflect on why touchscreens and touch-sensitive controls could be problematic for drivers. Consider the challenges of using them without looking at the frustrations of inaccurate responses.

  2. Creative Solution: Come up with an innovative solution to make these tech-heavy cars more user-friendly. Your idea could involve enhancing tactile feedback, integrating voice recognition that works flawlessly, or inventing a new gadget that solves the issue.

  3. Pitch Your Innovation: Describe your solution in a short paragraph, sketch it, or create a digital representation. Explain how it addresses the usability issue and makes driving safer and more intuitive.

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