Skillbuilder:Social Awareness


Effort: 10 minutes

+10 Points


(1) $100 e-gift card


Don't miss the opportunity to join millions of people around the world in giving back to the causes you care about. For every person who gives, the world becomes a better place for all! You can encourage others to make an impact one kindness at a time.

Check out some examples, but you'll come up with your own:

  • Donation Matching: Giving2sDay Gift matches donations to pair veterans with service dogs.

  • Fundraising Event: Trees Forever hosts a #GivingTREEvia runs a trivia contest with a registration fee that goes towards a tree planting

  • A buzz on social media: ASPCA Facebook Live-a-Thon is a virtual streamed live event featuring adorable pets and surprise celebrity guest stars.

Your Task:
Choose a cause, or non-profit organization, that you care about and come up with an idea for a campaign, include:

  • #name of campaign

  • Slogan

  • Message

  • Type of campaign

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