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Did you know that you can add KnoPro Skillbuilders (and Challenges!!) to your LinkedIn or resume after you participate? With KnoPro, you have built real-world, in-demand skills valuable to employers, so make sure to let them know!

Your Task: Wow your future employers!

  1. Think about all the Skillbuilders you’ve completed.

  2. Revise the example below to match your existing resume/LinkedIn style, then add it to your profile. If you don’t have a resume or LinkedIn profile, now is a great time to get started! Check these out: Guide to Creating LinkedIn Profile and How to Write a High School Resume.

  3. Share with us - either a link to your LinkedIn account/resume or by copying your description into the text box.

    For Example:

Participated in daily KnoPro Skillbuilders, sponsored by NAF

  • Developed skills in collaboration, communication, problem solving, and social awareness

  • Submitted responses to [#] industry-sponsored Skillbuilders

  • Responded to skill-building exercises in the following industries [mention which industries, for example: healthcare, marketing, etc.]

  • Won daily contest on [briefly explain submission if you won] [remove if not applicable]

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