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Lenovo has recently unveiled the world’s FIRST transparent laptop screen. Check out the video where it shows what this new futuristic sci-fi-style laptop can do. Pretty impressive! And beyond just another cool tech gadget, technological innovation eventually impacts all sectors, not just the tech sector.

For today’s Skillbuilder, we want you to look into the future and imagine an idea like this applied down the road to a different industry. You can select fashion, healthcare, sports, finance, or any industry of your choice. Once you choose, then think of one creative (the wilder the better!) way that you could use a transparent laptop to create a better experience for users. There were some great examples in the video, such as for graphic designers, but another one could be: in finance, the laptop screen could be placed in front of a TV in the background showing a news report about the stock market or the price of bitcoin, and the laptop could automatically show you additional information that was relevant to the TV show. Now… think how it could be used in hospitals, with social media, or in education, or politics!

Write your idea in 4-5 sentences explaining which industry you chose and how you think technology like transparent laptop/device screens could change or improve things for the better. Or if you are feeling visually creative, create a Canva flyer showing how you’d use this technology. Include the link in the text box.

Happy innovating!

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