Skillbuilder:Social Awareness

Instagram Fundraiser Forgives Medical Debt

Effort: 10 minutes

+10 Points


(1) $100 e-gift card


Meet Sharon McMahon, the Insta-queen and Government Guru with over a million followers! Sharon is all about keeping her “Governerds” up to speed on current events, but she's got a soft spot for fundraising too.

And boy, did her Governerds deliver in December 2023! They rallied together to donate a whopping $1,079,369.10 to RIP Medical Debt, a charity that helps pay off medical debts. Here's the kicker: for every dollar donated, RIP Medical Debt wipes out $100 in debt! Cue a jaw-dropping $170 million in forgiven debt thanks to the generosity of Sharon's incredible followers. Now that is one epic fundraiser!

Your Task:

  1. You’ve been tasked with planning a fundraiser.

  2. What cause would you select? What kind of fundraiser?

  3. Explain the steps you would take to plan the fundraiser.

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