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Many employers focus on "perks" when they are trying to hire someone to work for their company. Those perks can be things like ping pong tables in the office, happy hour Fridays, bring your pet to work days, etc. While those elements can be attractive--in addition to a fair salary of course!--there are also other, important aspects to consider before choosing to work for a company, such as their commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI).

Think of two to three DEI-related things that matter most to you when it comes to the "work culture" or environment you want to work in one day. Write a short blog post (1-2 paragraphs) addressing CEOs across the country and let them know what matters most to YOUR generation when it comes to a company's commitment to DEI. Make sure to use a semi-formal tone in your writing and include at least one statistic or reason WHY these things matter to you and other people your age. Examples might be: equal pay initiatives, non-discrimination based on hairstyles or religious head coverings, employee resource / affinity groups, diverse hiring pools (through partnerships with HBCUs and other orgs, etc). Paste your blog post in the text box below, and who knows? Maybe some CEOs will listen!

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