Spark the Vote!

Effort: $50 gift card per person

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Why don’t some young people vote? Are they too busy? Do they think their voice doesn’t matter? Or, are they just not interested in politics? According to a recent poll, less than half of young Americans plan to vote in the 2024 election.

Your Task:

Persuade young people to vote by designing a social media campaign. What will get people excited about voting? Make it catchy! Include the following:

  • A catchy headline, slogan, and hashtag

  • Reasons why youth should vote

  • One statistic about voting

  • Be sure to include: Check out

You can explain your campaign in the Skillbuilder textbox. As a bonus, create a quick video, social media post, or mock-up with a tool like Canva (or another tool of your choice). Make sure it can be viewed by anyone with the link. Bonus if you actually publish your post on social media!

Need some background information? Check out the following optional resources:

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