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Light Up the Sky

Effort: 10 minutes

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Lunar New Year was Feb. 10, 2024, celebrating the arrival of spring and the beginning of a new year on the lunisolar calendar. While the holiday has long been known as ‘Chinese New Year,’ and it is a significant holiday in China, the Lunar New Year is also widely celebrated in South Korea, Vietnam, and other countries with a large population of Chinese residents.

Many traditions contribute to the celebration and often include fireworks. But just like other traditions that include fireworks, like Diwali and the 4th of July, some Lunar New Years festivities may have been celebrated differently this year to avoid the toxic chemicals and air pollution that come with fireworks displays. The solution? Drone light shows! Apparently, the global drone light show industry is expected to grow 25% by 2031.

Your Task:
Imagine that you’ve been asked to pitch an idea for a drone light show! Explain the following - with detail:

  • The event that you would like to use drone lights

  • How drone lights will be used - what they will form, the colors, etc.

  • What else will accompany the lights, for example: music, poetry, etc.

Bonus for drawing your idea. Be sure to include a link.

IMPORTANT! Links must be set to: Viewed by anyone on the internet. Test your link using incognito / private mode. Watch our tutorial on Creating and Checking Sharable Links.

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