Mastering Money

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How's your understanding of money? Financial Literacy means understanding money and how to make smart decisions with it. Not all high schools teach about finances. 40.5% of U.S. high school students receive a personal finance education, up from 22.7% in 2022 (Next Generation Personal Finance).

Imagine your high school doesn't offer financial literacy classes. You’ve heard that other high schools have courses in: banking, types of credit, managing credit, paying for college, budgeting, investing, taxes, buying a house or car, entrepreneurship, or cryptocurrency. You’ve been asked to present a case for financial literacy in your high school to the Board of Education.

Your Task:

  1. Choose one area of financial literacy to convince the School Board to add a specific financial literacy course at your high school.

  2. Create a 2-3 paragraph short speech. Write the speech in the text box or create a 2-3 slide presentation deck. If you create slides, be sure to add a link to your slides, and make sure they are viewable.

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