Skillbuilder:Problem Solving

Memorial Day Weekend Pool Party

Effort: 10 minutes

+10 Points


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Memorial Day

Due to final exams and end-of-school-year operations, we'll only be running 3 skillbuilders each week. Check back Friday for a new skillbuilder.

This skillbuilder is open for submissions until 11:59 PM PT on Tuesday, May 28.

Imagine you're part of the Parks and Recreation team, and it's your job to plan the Memorial Day event for the opening of the local community pool. This event isn't just the start of the swimming season; it's also a time to honor military service members. Your challenge is to plan an event that blends fun summer activities with the respectful observance of Memorial Day.

Your Task:

1. Event Details: Determine the activities that will make the pool opening fun and meaningful. Think about engaging activities for the day, ways to honor Memorial Day, and essential safety measures like lifeguard and event staff presence.

2. Outline Your Plan Write a brief outline of your event plan (1-2 paragraphs), focusing on the chosen activities, safety measures, and how you will incorporate Memorial Day remembrance. Your outline should convey how the event is enjoyable for families and be respectful of the day's significance.

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