Skillbuilder:Social Awareness

MLK Day of Service!

Effort: 10 minutes

+10 Points


(1) $100 e-gift card


Martin Luther King Day is a day dedicated to service and celebrating Dr. Martin Luther King’s life and legacy. As the only federal holiday designated as a National Day of Service, it’s a great opportunity to get out and help your community!

Your Task:
Plan your own service project and get others to join you. It can be something as simple as cleaning up trash in a local park, donating items to those in need, volunteering at an animal shelter, making sandwiches for the houseless, planting trees, etc.

Make a Plan. Ideally, you will carry out this plan, but if that’s not possible then plan it anyway and try to do it another time! Even better if it’s a project that is ongoing and can be started at any time. Your plan should include:

  • The issue you are addressing

  • Target group you’re helping

  • Description of the project

  • What you need (permission, materials, etc) and how you will get these

  • Date, time, location

  • A message that gets people excited to join the project

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