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Effort: 10 minutes

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(1) $100 gift card winner


A new KnoPro Challenge starts today: Bridging the Dental Gap! It’s an opportunity for all high school students to dive into the issues related to taking care of our teeth, especially for kids in under-resourced communities. You don’t have to be a dental or healthcare student - anyone can participate! We all have teeth, right? And, you don’t even have to do the Challenge in your class or school, you can participate on your own, or with a small group of friends - it’s open to all high school students in the U.S.! The best part? You can win big money! First place winners earn $5,000. Check out some of the previous Challenge winners to see what it takes.

What are you waiting for! Create your project and start today.

Your Task:

  1. Join the Bridging the Dental Gap Challenge

  2. In the text box, indicate that you joined the Challenge and write 3 reasons why you decided to join the Challenge.

  3. Good luck! Do you best work on the Challenge!

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