Non-Profit Superheros - Grant Writers

Effort: 10 minutes

+10 Points


(1) $100 gift certificate

grant writer

Imagine your favorite local animal shelter, a place that helps lost or abandoned pets find new homes. Like many non-profits, this shelter needs money to take care of the animals, pay for the electricity, and keep the place running. That's where grant writers come in, like superheroes for non-profits! Grant writers are super skilled at writing requests for money from businesses, governments, or foundations that want to help. They are experts at crafting proposals to request funds, often through a process called a Request for Proposal (RFP). An RFP is a document that a non-profit can use to ask for financial support from businesses, governments, or foundations, detailing what they need and why they deserve it. Many good causes wouldn't have the funds to do their amazing work without grant writers.

Your Task:

  1. Dream Up a Project: Think of a local project for a non-profit, like creating a new playground in your community or starting a recycling program at your school. What would it look like, and who would it help?

  2. Share Your Idea: Imagine you've got the chance to share your project idea with someone who can make it happen. How would you convince them that your project is worth supporting? Share your "grant pitch" with a classmate or friend and see if they're convinced.

  3. Write Your Mini-Grant: Pretend you're a grant writer for this project. Write a short paragraph explaining why your project is awesome and deserves some funding. Tell them how it will make a difference in your community. Make it convincing!

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