On Track or Off Track: Deciding on Public Transit

Effort: 10 minutes

+10 Points


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Imagine you're a city planner, the person responsible for designing how a city works. Your city council has tasked you with evaluating the current transportation system to determine if investing in more public transit, like buses and trains, is a good idea. Right now, many people in your city use cars, which can cause traffic and air pollution. Public transit could help, but it's expensive to build, and not everyone might use it.

Your Task:

  1. Think about it: Review what kind of public transport exists in your city. Is it meeting people's needs? Do you use public transit? Would you use it if there were more options? Where does it fall short?

  2. Develop Your Proposal: Write a proposal (1-2 paragraphs) for the city council. In your proposal, include:

    • Your Analysis: Do you recommend investing in more public transit? Why or why not?

    • Your Plan: Suggest improvements or additions, such as more bus routes, a new train line, or upgrading existing services.

    • Expected Outcomes: Explain how your plan could reduce traffic, cut down on pollution, or explain why it might be a risky investment.

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