One Word Cut

Effort: 10 minutes

+10 Points


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Turkey time is almost here and everyone seems to have their own take on Thanksgiving. For a few, it's all about gathering the fam and giving thanks. For some, it's just a day dedicated to stuffing their faces with scrumptious food. Others tune in for the football frenzy while some folks find it to be a sad day - a day of mourning for the loss of Native American culture.

Several Native Americans were asked what came to mind when they heard the word "Thanksgiving." Lo and behold, it went viral! Who knew tiny questions could create such a stir?

Your Task:

  • Watch the video

  • Choose one word (related to Thanksgiving or another holiday) and ask at least five people what’s the first word that comes to mind when they hear that word.

  • Write down the word and what each person says.

  • As a bonus, create your own video. You can use your phone and upload it to youtube, Google drive, etc. IMPORTANT! Links must be set to: Viewed by anyone on the internet. Test your link using incognito / private mode. Watch our tutorial on Creating and Checking Sharable Links.

    *Note that we will be judging the winners on Monday, Nov. 27 so feel free to ask family members/friends during the holiday.

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