Pitch Perfect

Effort: 10 minutes

+10 Points


(1) $100 gift certificate


In ANY career field, you will at some point find yourself needing to do a sales pitch to convince someone to buy/use a specific product or participate in an event, etc. Let’s practice this critical skill! While there’s lots of approaches used for pitches, consider some of the following tips:

-Start with a brief story or anecdote
-Focus on the pain point that the product addresses
-Consider how the product solves a challenge for its customers
-Use a convincing statistic or fact, if you can
-Appeal to your audience's emotions

Choose an everyday item and create a clever marketing pitch for it. Examples: a paper towel roll, velcro, a pencil, a bicycle, a hair bonnet, a Nintendo Switch, AirPods, etc. You can: Highlight its uses, come up with other creative uses, create a new slogan, jingle, or even a new name for it. Create a short (up to 30 seconds) pitch and type the script for it into the chat box OR stretch your skills and use Canva, Tik Tok or another tool to create a flyer or video for your item. May the best pitch win!

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