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Print Your Place: 3-D Printed Homes

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This skillbuilder is open for submissions until 11:59 PM PT on Monday, June 3rd, 2024.

3-D printing technology is already revolutionizing the construction industry by enabling the rapid production of homes and other buildings using materials like concrete. Researchers from the University of Maine have pushed this innovation further with the BioHome3D project, developing a 600 square foot prototype home built entirely from bio-based materials. This project highlights the potential for 3-D printed buildings to not only be constructed quickly but also be environmentally friendly and recyclable at their lifecycle's end.

Your Task:

  1. Consider how using eco-friendly materials in 3-D printing could improve the sustainability of construction. Consider the advantages of using these green materials over traditional options like concrete.

  2. Identify the potential challenges in making 3-D printed homes more environmentally friendly. Consider issues such as the durability of these homes, adherence to building codes, environmental impact of materials, and public reception.

  3. Choose to write about (1-2 paragraphs) or visually design a structure you want to build using 3-D printing technology. Explain your chosen structure and discuss the pros and cons of using 3-D printing to create it. If you opt for a visual representation, use a tool like Canva (or another drawing tool of your choice) to illustrate your structure and include a brief explanation of the pros and cons alongside your image. Don't forget to share a link to your drawing.

IMPORTANT! Image links must be accessible to anyone on the internet - be sure to change your sharing settings to "anyone with the link can view."

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