Repair Rights Revolution

Effort: 10 minutes

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repair revolution

Imagine living in a world where fixing your own stuff—like your bike, laptop, or even your gaming console—could be against the rules. Sounds strange, right? But that's what's happening more and more. Some companies make it super hard to repair their products. They use special screws, seal up devices, or say that only they can fix things, which can cost a lot of money. This is part of a big debate called the "Right to Repair." It's about fighting for the ability to fix our things, saving money, and helping the planet by reducing waste.

Your Task:

Discussion: Talk with a classmate about why companies might restrict repairs and how rules like this might affect consumers and the environment. Discuss the benefits of having the freedom to repair your own items.

Choose Your Action:

Write a Letter: Write a brief letter to a legislator explaining why the Right to Repair is important. Include how it impacts you personally and why it matters for the environment and consumer rights.


Create a Poster: Design a digital poster that explains the Right to Repair. You can use Canva, Google Slides, or another design tool you're familiar with. Make sure it clearly shows why this issue is important, using images and text to share how it helps save money and the environment. Then, share the link with us in the text box. IMPORTANT! Links must be accessible to anyone on the internet. Watch our tutorial on Creating and Checking Sharable Links.

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