//Write Your Own Chatbot Script//

Effort: 10 minutes

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4-17E - Chatbot

We've all experienced the basic power of AI through chatbots. These are simple scripts that act like they're responding when you ask a question. If you were to create a chatbot, what would you create it for? Choose a subject that you know well. For example, your chatbot might help answer emergency questions when you're babysitting. Or, help freshmen at your school access resources for their first year. It's up to you. Usually, chatbot programmers start with a flowchart, or "decision tree," but the video tutorial and template show another way to create a chatbot.

Make a copy of the Google template and watch the video tutorial (starting at 1:23). Link to your chatbot in your response. Make sure it is shared with "anyone with the link." If you cannot use the Google template, you may write out an example of your chatbot conversation flow or link to your decision tree.

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