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Product Redesign

Effort: 10 minutes

+10 Points


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Product designers have the creative task of coming up with new ideas for products or improving existing products. Take a look at some clever product designs. How would you redesign a product for a better or different use? Maybe it’s a tech product - a phone, video console or maybe an everyday product, such as a toothbrush or fork. Consider the features of the current product and think of different users that might be challenged when using the product or all users who would benefit from an improvement in the product.

First, use a brainstorming method, SCAMPER, to come up with your idea. Add your SCAMPER in the text box. Then, create a quick sketch of it. You can use a tool of your choice, such as Canva or Google Drawing (be sure to make the link public). If drawing is challenging, you may want to use a photo of the current product and label changes you want to make - many designers start this way.

S (Substitute): What can I substitute?
C (Combine): How can I combine this with other things?
A (Adapt): What can I adapt or copy from?
M (Magnify/Modify): What can I emphasize more or less?
P (Purpose): How can I put this item to other uses?
E (Eliminate): What can I remove or simplify?
R (Rearrange/Reverse): How can I change, reorder, or reverse something on the item?

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