Sustainability Skillbuilder Showdown

Effort: 10 minutes

+10 Points


(1) $100 gift certificate

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We're on break until early July. We’re making improvements to KnoPro that we’re excited to share with you. Stay tuned for our Summer Challenge and new Skillbuilders. For this Skillbuilder (that you can complete at any time for KnoPro points, even after we award the daily $100 winner on May 8th), we’d love to hear your Skillbuilder ideas that focus on ENVIRONMENTAL SUSTAINABILITY (the July Challenge topic).

Choose a skill for students to practice and come up with a fun idea that relates to environmental sustainability. You may want to consider environmental sustainability in the following industries:

: Art & Design, Fashion, Finance, Gaming, Healthcare, Hospitality, Marketing, Media, Sports, Technology, or "Other / Multiple"

Skills: Collaboration, Communication, Problem Solving, Social Awareness

These examples may help get you thinking:
- Make a TikTok, with a friend, to convince teens to upcycle and recycle their clothes instead of contributing to fast fashion
- Design a more accessible recycling bin for wheelchair-users, or others with physical challenges
- Write a letter to a fast-food company suggesting alternatives to take-out containers

If we use your suggestion, we will give you a shout-out on our site and award you bonus KnoPro points when we publish it next year! Thank you for being a part of KnoPro!

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