Skillbuilder Showdown

Effort: 10 minutes

+10 Points


(1) $100 gift certificate

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We're on break at KnoPro from December 20th to April 3rd, engineering new features for you to check out and exciting new content. So our final Skillbuilder of the year (that you can complete at any time for KnoPro points, even after we award the daily $100 winner on April 4th) is this: What Skillbuilders should we run in 2023? Choose one INDUSTRY and one SKILL from the list below, and share a way students can practice that skill in a fun or creative way. If we use your suggestion, we will give you a shout-out on our site and award you bonus KnoPro points when we publish it next year! Thank you for being a part of KnoPro, and see you in 2023.

Industries: Art & Design, Fashion, Finance, Gaming, Healthcare, Hospitality, Marketing, Media, Sports, Technology, or "Other / Multiple"

Skills: Collaboration, Communication, Problem Solving, Social Awareness

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