Make KnoPro Skillbuilders Go Viral

Effort: 10 minutes

+10 Points


(1) $100 gift card winner

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You know how you and your friends are always scrolling through Instagram and TikTok? Well, imagine you've got a mission: to make KnoPro Skillbuilders - the super cool skill-building activities - a trend among teens. Your goal is to show off how these activities are useful, super fun, and interesting.

Dream up a cool post or video idea that would make KnoPro Skillbuilders the next big thing on social media. Think of something that would stop your friends from scrolling and say, "Hey, I wanna try that!"

  • Could it be a funny challenge video where you try out a Skillbuilder?

  • Maybe a before-and-after photo showing off what you learned?

  • How about a quick tutorial with a cool trick or skill you picked up?

Your Task:
Write a couple of sentences about your epic post or video idea. What's the main vibe? Funny, inspiring, jaw-dropping? How will it grab attention and make other teens want to jump on the Skillbuilder bandwagon?

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