Skillbuilder:Social Awareness

Social Media Mania

Effort: 10 minutes

+10 Points


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SKB12-9: Social media mania

An important part of being able to communicate across generations and cultures is learning to empathize with the perspectives of others, even when you disagree! Take the topic of social media. Can you understand why some people might have concerns about how much time teens spend on their devices on social media? In fact, studies from Statista and other researchers show that young people are spending 3 hours every single day on social media, which has increased a lot in the past decade.

Your Task:
Practice the skill of social awareness by writing one reason why EACH type of person below might have hesitations or concerns about social media use, even if you don't agree with their opinion.

  1. A high school teacher

  2. A parent of a 14 year old

  3. A restaurant manager hiring for a host / hostess

  4. A pediatrician with a focus on brain development.

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