Network Like a Pro at Your Dream Career Fair

Effort: 10 minutes

+10 Points


(1) $100 gift card winner


You're hitting up a career fair that's all about the kind of work you dream of doing someday—could be in tech, health, the arts, or anything else you're into. Think about the kinds of people or companies you'd really want to meet there.

Create Your Intro Pitch:
Whip up a quick intro for yourself that lasts about 30 seconds. Write down a couple of sentences that share what fires you up and what you're looking to get out of this job fair. Aim to leave a lasting impression!

Come Up With Cool Questions:
Write two questions to ask that'll show you're really interested in the field and super keen to learn more. You could ask about their coolest projects or how they got started in their career.

Plan Your Follow-Up:
Imagine you've just had a great chat with someone awesome. What's your move to keep the convo going after the fair? Write a friendly follow-up message that thanks them for their time and brings up something specific you talked about to remind them who you are.

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