Speak Like a Pro

Effort: 10 minutes

+10 Points


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Hey, wazzup? Is this how you would greet your boss at work? Probably not. More professionally, you might say: “Hello. It’s nice to see you today.”

Come up with professional translations for informal jargon (that you might be tempted to use). Choose five of the following to translate into professional speak. Type your answers in the text box.

  • OMG the project is due soon. I’m low-key freaken’ out.

  • You forgot to send the invite. That sounds like a you problem…

  • In my POV, I think we need more time.

  • My new bestie in the next cube is going to help me…

  • I was ghosted by the guy in the marketing department.

  • I totally forgot about the deadline.

  • You're micromanaging me and I don’t like it.

  • Amirite about the meeting topic for next week?

  • WYA? I thought we were meeting now!

  • Your desk decorations are fire

(Inspired by instagrammer @loewhaley ‘s “how do you professionally say…” posts)

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