Sports Mash-Up

Effort: 10 minutes

+10 Points


(1) $100 gift certificate


Do you have a favorite sport? Most people do, but at the same time--there are so many sports you might find it challenging to get people to agree what the "BEST" sport to play (or even watch) is. Maybe through collaboration you can come up with a NEW sport that is a crowd favorite? Ask 1 other person what their favorite sport is whose answer is different from your own. Take those two sports and create a mash-up. Combine the two sports' names into a clever new name, and write a 2-3 sentence description of how you play the game. Example: Soccer + Skateboarding = Socboard. In Socboard, players all ride electric skateboards around a parking lot and kick a soccer ball into a net to earn points. The goalie wears serious pads because they have to play on concrete.

[Remember, Skillbuilders can only be submitted by one person / with one name on them.]

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