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Sustainable Food & Farming

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Imagine if cities could grow their own fresh fruits and veggies right between skyscrapers or on rooftop gardens. Urban farming turns this cool idea into reality, using innovative methods like hydroponics (growing plants without soil) and vertical farming to maximize space in the city jungle. This green revolution could make our urban environments more sustainable and self-sufficient.

  • 🌿 Explore how urban farming uses less space and water than traditional farming. What technologies make this possible? How does urban farming fit into a cityscape?

  • 🌍 Think about how growing food in the city reduces the need to transport food from far away, lowering carbon emissions. What other environmental and social benefits does urban farming offer?

  • ✍️ Write (1-2 paragraphs) about how urban farming could transform city living. Discuss the impact on food security, community health, and urban sustainability. Why might city dwellers be keen to turn their rooftops green?

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