The Taylor Swift Effect: Gamechanger?

Effort: 10 minutes

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(1) $100 gift card winner

It’s Super Bowl LVIII on Sunday, Feb.11, 2024. Do you know who is playing? It’s the San Francisco 49ers vs. the Kansas City Chiefs. Even if you didn’t know that, odds are that you’ve likely heard about the Taylor Swift controversy regarding Swift and her boyfriend, Travis Kelce, and if they rigged the Super Bowl to endorse President Biden for re-election.

Apparently, other Taylor Swift bets include:

  • How often she appears on screen (for example, during the National Anthem or her over/under appearances during the entire game)

  • How many times her name is mentioned during the broadcast

  • Whether she’ll be on-stage at halftime

  • What color outfit she’ll wear

  • If Swift and Kelce will announce they’re expecting a baby

    Why is this such a media phenomenon? What makes it interesting? Why do some people hate it? What do you think is going on with people’s reaction to it? What do you think about cameras and media attention focusing on Taylor Swift at the Super Bowl? Could this help or hurt the NFL brand?

    Your Task:
    Write a 1-2 paragraph op-ed piece exploring this topic. And Op-ed is short newspaper column that represents a strong, informed, and focused opinion on an issue.

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