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Uncovering Career Clues

Effort: 10 minutes

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informational interview

Think of yourself as a career detective on a mission to uncover the hidden details of your dream job. Your secret weapon? The informational interview. This special kind of interview isn't about getting a job offer; instead, it's your chance to learn directly from someone who's already doing the job you dream about. Imagine you're interested in becoming a game developer, an astronaut, or a tech innovator. By asking thoughtful questions to people who have your dream job, you can discover not just what the job is like but also get personal insights and advice that you can't find online.

Your Task:

  1. Choose Your Dream Job: Pick a career that sparks your interest. Maybe it's a role in creating video games, being an environmental scientist, or a tech startup innovator.

  2. Draft Your DM (Direct Message): Imagine you're reaching out to a professional on LinkedIn or another social platform for an informational interview. Write a short message explaining who you are and why you're interested in their career, and politely ask if they'd be willing to answer a few questions. Remember to be respectful and express genuine curiosity.

  3. Craft Your Questions: List five questions you want to ask during the interview. Consider asking about their daily challenges, what skills they find most valuable, how they entered the field, advice for someone starting, and a project they're proud of.

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