AI for the Environment Challenge: How AI can Help Save the Planet


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Addressing environmental sustainability and harnessing the power of AI are key challenges for today's youth. Our world's future depends on the participation of every young person. Past generations haven't quite managed to fix these issues – in fact, they've added to them – but could it be that teenagers hold the key to sparking change? Join the Patrick J. McGovern Foundation, and other companies, who care about using AI for the good of all.

In this Challenge, you'll explore the question:

What ideas do you have for using AI to address environmental issues?

Note: This Challenge is still available to complete to earn points and add to your resumes!! The prize money was awarded in the past to the following winners.

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Skills you'll develop

  • Problem Solving
  • Communication
  • Social Awareness


You're ready to CREATE a prototype of your idea. This is what you'll use to explain your brilliant idea to the judges!

Choose ONE of the categories for your solution: product design, business concept, or marketing campaign. You can use the selection checklist to help you choose a category.