Rethinking Civic Engagement with Tech Innovation


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Get ready for some political fireworks with the presidential election just around the corner! This Challenge is all about how technology can be used to light up the world of civic engagement. Election season can be a polarizing time, for example: left vs right; Democrats vs Republicans; young voters vs older voters. But, does it need to be? How can technology be used to foster healthy dialogue and engage in political action? Get those creative juices flowing, as you brainstorm out-of-the-box ideas for products, businesses, and marketing campaigns that use emerging technologies to transform youth civic engagement. Pitch your idea to Lenovo with a 3-5 minute video and win big $$$!

In this Challenge, you’ll address the question: How can we leverage emerging technologies to help more young people get involved in civic life (e.g. vote, run for office, etc)?

Note: This Challenge is still available to earn points!! The prize money was awarded to past winners.

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Skills you'll develop

  • Problem Solving
  • Communication
  • Social Awareness


Get Inspired!

Meet Tiffany Koyama Lane, a teacher and Portland (Oregon) City Council candidate. Listen to Tiffany's story and become inspired to get involved in your community! Joining the KnoPro Challenge is your first step!

Get to Kno the Process

Before you get started you might be wondering how this works. KnoPro Challenges are divided into five phases. These steps are designed to help you explore the problem and develop a solution. Select the + buttons to learn about each phase.

Three Approaches: Your Choice!

One important part of The KnoPro Challenges is choosing the type of solution you plan to create (in a group or solo) and ultimately pitch to the judges. Check out an example of each of your choices: a product idea, a new business concept, or a marketing campaign. You can also get inspiration from all the winning projects.

Flip the cards to help you decide which approach you may want to take. Later in the Challenge, you'll choose ONE approach.


Product Idea

Product Idea

Get creative and come up with a new product idea that addresses the problem. This might be an app, a game, or a consumer product, for example. The possibilities are endless! You’ll write a design brief to plan your product, and ultimately create a “prototype” to pitch to the judges.

Business Concept

Business Concept

Imagine a unique business idea that addresses the problem. This might be a for-profit or non-profit venture, an online platform, or an in-person experience/pop-up shop, for example. The possibilities are limitless! Write a business plan, and then create a fun way to share your business idea with the judges.
Marketing (1)

Marketing Campaign

Marketing Campaign

Design an exciting and catchy marketing campaign that addresses the problem and inspires people to act! The campaign might be a viral social media video, a series of emails, or a live event, for example. You’ll write up a marketing plan and then create some "assets" and pitch your idea to the judges.

KnoPro Tools to Help You

Student KNOtebook

Student KNOtebook

The Student KNOtebook is a tool to help you keep track of your research, thoughts, and ideas. While you don't have to use this optional tool, it's a helpful way to stay organized. Throughout the Challenge, keep an eye out for KNOtebook hints and suggestions to record in your KNOtebook.

To get started, make a copy of the Student KNOtebook slides or use the PDF Version

mentor feedback

Get Help from Mentors

Want some extra help? Real professionals, who created the Challenge, are standing by to answer your questions, hear your ideas, and give you feedback! They want to help you win the Challenge!

You might ask a question about the topic, or you might ask how you could improve your solution, or you may want to show your video pitch to them, etc.


Dive into the subject and emerge as a pro!