Artificial Intelligence for Global Health Challenge


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Coming Soon: April 29 - May 24, 2024!

Hey there, future change-makers! Dive into the world of AI and tackle some of the biggest health challenges our planet faces. From combating infectious diseases to improving healthcare access, your innovative ideas can truly make a difference. Imagine a world where everyone gets the healthcare they need regardless of where they live. That's our goal, and AI is our tool for change.

You're here to do more than learn; you're here to invent. Join the Patrick J. McGovern Foundation, and other organizations, as you dream up a groundbreaking product, an impressive business strategy, or a captivating marketing campaign that could transform health with AI for people everywhere. Let's get those mental wheels turning and work towards a healthier, more inclusive future. Ready, set, innovate! Win big $$$!

You’ll address the Challenge question: How can AI be used to save lives and improve global health outcomes?

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  • Problem Solving
  • Communication
  • Social Awareness

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