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Historically, clinical research has not reflected the diverse population of the United States when it comes to race, ethnicity, disability status, and other important factors. This leads to disproportionate health outcomes that can cost lives. How might we help to ensure that medical research participation is more representative of the U.S. population?

Note: This Challenge is still available to complete to earn points and add to your resumes! The prize money was awarded in the past to the following winners.

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Health Equity

Skills you'll develop

  • Communication
  • Problem Solving
  • Social Awareness

Meet the Team

Medical professionals need your help!

Dr. Luther Clark , Executive Director of Global and Scientific Affairs, Merck: "We're really excited to have you join us and tackle this problem."

Dr. Adrelia Allen , Senior Director of Clinical Trial Patient Diversity, Merck: "Increasing diversity in clinical trials is very important because of safety...and access."

Conrod Kelly , Managing Director, MSD Chile: "This is such an important topic...Think outside the box about what you can do to make a difference for our industry."


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