Technology Inclusion Challenge


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The technology industry needs your help! Companies in tech and ed-tech design immersive learning experiences for all ages. However, they are concerned that not all students are benefiting from these technologies. In this Challenge, you’ll address the question: How can we leverage immersive technologies (such as AR,VR,MR, XR) to transform learning experiences for underrepresented and underserved students, including those with visible and invisible disabilities? Come up with a new product or a marketing campaign to address this problem. Create a video pitch for members of the tech industry.

Note: This Challenge is still available to complete to earn points and add to your resumes!! The prize money was awarded in the past to the following winners.

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Skills you'll develop

  • Problem Solving
  • Social Awareness
  • Communication

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Ada Lopez, Manager of Product Diversity, Lenovo


We’re so excited that you decided to join this Challenge, where you get to come up with ways to break down barriers in education and expand access for ALL students to benefit from the power of emerging technologies like virtual and augmented reality. 

After exploring immersive technologies, you’ll come up with your own innovative product idea that leverages the tools to provide new learning experiences that engage and impact students who may experience underrepresentation in traditional education. Or, you may want to create a campaign to convince teachers or administrators in your school of the power of these new technologies in one or more subject areas. Here are some examples:

  • A  virtual reality experience that enables physically disabled students to participate in PE games and exercises

  • An augmented reality app that provides historical walking tours through the lens of Black and indigenous cultures

  • A campaign to convince your Principal to provide extended reality training for teachers

Your deliverable is a 3-5 minute video to pitch your idea for professionals in the tech industry. You’ll describe your target audience, your solution idea, and share any polished drafts or prototypes. Be sure to review the KnoPro Judging Rubric.  

Technology Inclusion Introduction

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Student KNOtebook

Throughout the Challenge, you may use a Student KNOtebook to process, document, and share your work. To get started, make a copy of the Student KNOtebook - keep the prompts, etc., but feel free to personalize as much as you'd like!

All of the Student KNOtebook prompts are indicated throughout the Challenge.

KnoPro Phases

You'll use the KnoPro phases to get to KNO the issue; become a PRO on the topic; come up with ideas for a solution in one of the two categories (product or marketing); create a prototype of your idea; then show what you KNO with a video pitch. Enter the KnoPro Challenge and win big $!


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